Diamond Plate Laminate 3/8" Heavy Duty ATA Small Units 'REVERSIBLE' Case

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Diamond Plate Rubberized Hard Laminate

3/8" ATA Small Units or Mixers Case

*Size Limit Applies To This Level Case

Mixer Cannot Exceed 24" In Width OR Depth To Qualify For This Level

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Mixer Case Dimensions

  • ATA 3/8" Plywood Heavy Duty Construction
  • Diamond Plate Rubberized Hrad Laminate
  • Strong Aluminum and Machine Riveted Bound Extrusions
  • Heavy Gauge Ball Corners
  • Heavy Duty Spring Loaded Recessed Handle With Rubber Grips
  • All Recessed Catches
  • Completely 1/2" Foam-Lined Protective Interior w/1 1/2" Bed Of Foam In Tray ***REVERSIBLE CASE - SEE DESCRIPTION BELOW***
  • Hod Down Foam Strip Fro Front Of Mixer
  • Made In The USA

*** REVERSIBLE CASE *** This case can be used "right side up" OR "upside down". If you want the large portion of the case to be used for the bottom, simply turn the case "right side up" with the thin lid on top. If you want the small part (tray) portion of the case to be used as the bottom, simply turn the case "upside down". This option is good if you want to leave your unit in the tray portion without having to take it completely out of the case. Simply take off the large part of the case and leave the unit in the tray. The tray is fully foamed all the way to the top (1 1/2" thick foam) so your unit has no obstructions to get in the way of any plug ins. The handle position (shown) works for either position.

We have titled these cases as our "Diamond Plate" Laminate Cases because they’re the best of all four road case levels. This level of mixer cases by brand and model are constructed of rigid 3/8" plywood with a rubberized hard "DIAMOND PLATE" laminate which actually makes the case much stronger than our standard hard PVC laminate. Heavy gauge aluminum extrusions and channels are riveted throughout. It features all recessed hardware, steel ball corners. The inside is completely 1/2" foam lined with a complete bed of 1 1/2" thick foam in the LID.

Without a doubt our best of the best and the most attractive case we make.
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