Road & Mountain Bike Travel Cases Telescoping Lid - Large Size

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TuffBox Road Bike Travel Case

w/Adjustable Lid - Large Size

ID: 48" x 11 3/8" x 31" High (Highest)

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  • Heavy Duty Metal Recessed Handles
  • Heavy Gauge PVC Angle and Channel Completely Riveted Surrounding Exterior
  • Thick Gauge Polyethylene Corners and Shoulders
  • Super Tough Plastic Nylon Buckles With 1 1/2" Webbing
  • 2" X 3" X 54" Foam Strips To Make End Blocks To Keep Unit In Center Case
  • Overlapping Lid Construction Resists Moisture
  • 1/4" Plywood With Vinyl Laminate and Carpet Lining
  • 21" X 54" X 1/2" Thick Roll Of Foam To Cut Strips For Top And Bottom Of Unit
  • Made In The USA

Our TuffBox bike cases present a solution to the problem of heavy and expensive ATA cases – plus they offer equivalent protection. This unique construction and blend of high quality materials provides both lightweight and cost effective features while not compromising the case’s integrity. Consider excellent features such as vinyl laminate, carpet lined interior, thick foam strips, thick gauge polyethylene corners and shoulders, tough plastic nylon buckles with webbing and heavy duty recessed handles. These things make our cases top quality at bottom dollar!

Road Cases USA has a wide variety of custom cases options for all instruments and products to keep your equipment safe and sound.