Stands, Poles, & Tripods Super Duty 1/2" Ply Case Kit - Medium

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30.00 LBS
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Stands, Poles, & Tripods Super Duty

1/2" Ply Case Kit - Medium 

Medium size Inside Dimensions
46 3/4" x 14 3/4" x 15 3/4 High
Outside Dimensions (including protruding hardware, not including wheels)
49 1/2 x 17 1/2 x 17 1/4 High
Drum Hardware Super Duty 1/2
Optional 'Do It Yourself' Stacking Wheel Plates Kit (Surface Mounted)
  • 3" Heavy Duty Casters Included
  • All Edges Routed Round
  • Recessed/Surface Mounted "Bump Protected" Catches
  • Recessed/Surface Mounted "Bump Protected" Handles
  • Heavy Duty Flat Corners And Ball Corners
  • 1/2" Plywood Construction 
  • Hard PVC Laminate Exterior
  • Bare Wood Interior Can Be Lined With Foam Or Carpet
  • All Edges Are Bare Wood Routed Round And Sanded
  • Heavy Duty Hardware
  • Made In The USA                                                                                                                         
This new super duty drum hardware case kit in medium size is shipped flat and easy to assemble. All of its hardware is pre-riveted and T nut fasteners are employed for additional durability. Easy to follow pictorial instructions make assembly super easy too! These cases include "Bump Protected" handles and catches and do not require holes which give it a pristine interior and more structural integrity. The interior can be lined with either foam or carpet lining if desired instead of its standard bare wood. *Note - please do not mistake this case for a conventional ATA case with aluminum trim. There is NO aluminum trim on the perimeter of this case. All edges are bare wood, routed round, and sanded. The case is assembled with thick gauge steel fittings which are bolted on with T-Nut fasteners. This is how the case is held together and is a very strong neccessary process to make the case in "kit form".

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    Quick and easy

    Posted by Unknown on 12th Jan 2013

    This case was a kit and purchased as a curiosity thing. I needed a case for some mic stands and was not too concerned about hardware or longevity. I wondered just how....inexpensive....and hard it would be to put together at this price.
    I actually built a similar but larger case for some lighting on my own and the price was about the same although time was obviously more extensive.
    Let's see, the good....the case went together with no problems. All parts were included. For the most part all the predrilled holes were in alignment.
    The Though the predrilled holes were properly aligned, this does not necessarily mean this concurred with panel alignment. I have a couple of gaps and of course there is no extrusion so the gaps show.
    The measurements of the box do not include the hardware. i.e., handles and locks which are externally mounted and can add as much as 2" to the external measurements.
    The covering is not too durable and I have already nicked it a couple of times.
    Time will tell how long this lasts and is is NOT recommended for true touring applications where the hands don't care.
    None of the "bad" stuff really mans that much to me as I'm not picky, merely needed some quick storage/protection, and I take care of my stuff better than most.
    Bottom line, I'm OK with this piece.

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    Fair Price... Fair Craftsmanship.

    Posted by Bill on 12th Nov 2012

    Once again, you almost get what you pay for. I can't complain too much for what I got, but the product wasn't clearly described. Not so exacting pictures and vague written descriptions led me to believe that this product was more than what was led to be advertised. To be specific, the casters are mounted directly to the 1/2" wood of the case itself. No caster board, just the shock of every bump going directly to the case itself which will cause the bottom board of the case to easily rupture if loaded down heavily. Secondly, the top is not hinged, which I find another major flaw in the design. The top on my case doesn't fit quite right and I need to press down on it hard to get it to lock. Why they didnt put a hinge design on it completely baffles me. I find this product lacking in quality while still demanding a significant price.

  • 5
    We found this case

    Posted by Unknown on 21st Sep 2012

    found this case on Google and was amazed how easily it went together. Heavy duty isn't the word. The price.......incredible with the free shipping.