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Standard Size Custom Cases

Standard Size Custom Cases 

Choose from 100's of sizes in any of 3 great levels

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      Heavy Duty               Medium Duty                  Light Duty

roadie series ata cases

Roadie Series


hybrid series transport cases

Hybrid Series


tuffbox series shipping cases

TuffBox Series

Hard Cases and Shipping Cases Featuring Three Levels of Superior Protection!

RoadCasesUSA custom designs and builds roadie cases, hard cases and shipping cases according to your needs, budget, and specifications. Our custom hard cases come in three different levels of protection: Heavy Duty, Medium Duty and Light Duty. Each series of custom road cases is offered in hundreds of different sizes, and provides reliable, durable protection for all types of equipment during storage and transport.

Lightweight and affordable, these hard cases and shipping cases feature superior construction and high-quality materials. The hard cases are also designed with custom features that further improve durability and protection during shipping and storage. The heavy-duty roadie cases are ATA compliant.

In addition to these shipping cases, RoadCasesUSA also offers even more affordable options on hard cases and shipping cases suitable for traveling sales personnel or those seeking alternatives to the heavier ATA cases. Choose from hundreds of sizes available in our online inventory, or contact us to discuss your needs, and we will help you find the custom cases and shipping cases that are right for you.